Environmental Policy


At QAI, promoting a healthier planet is part of our mission. Toward that end, QAI has achieved ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems accreditation. We consider the environmental impact of all of our operational activities and take appropriate steps to limit or prevent environmental pollution. We strive to go beyond merely complying with relevant environmental laws and regulations and are committed to continuously improving and making a lighter imprint on the planet.

We conduct business in a manner designed to minimize the impact on the environment and the people who live and work in that environment. We have reduced our energy and raw material use; implemented a paperless documentation and billing management system; developed a recycling program for paper, plastic containers and bags and electronics; and instituted a composting program for coffee grounds, tea bags and fruit/vegetable food scraps. QAI believes small changes in business operations can add up to big benefit for the environment.

Please contact qaiemsteam@qai-inc.com, 858-792-3531 for more information.