Steps to Gluten-Free Certification Process

QAI can support you in your commitment to achieve gluten-free certification. Whether you produce items at the beginning, middle or the end of the supply chain, in just five steps, you can earn your gluten-free certification.

Step 1: Product Review

The product review step allows you to provide QAI with details about your gluten-free operation or products and enables QAI's technical review team to understand your operation right up front. Understanding the scope of your operation, the procedures you follow and the products that are processed, labeled, handled and/or traded by your company is a very important part of the certification process. A dedicated QAI Certification Project Manager will be assigned to help guide you through the process. The product review step includes:

  • Full documentation review and desk audit
  • Gluten-Free compliance plan (GCP)
  • Individual Product Profile (IPP) and labeling review

Step 2: Onsite Inspection

An on-site inspection consists of an evaluation of your operation. During this visit, the inspector will verify the information on your application and assembled documentation to ensure consistent gluten-free production. Upon achieving certification, annual on-site inspections will be required for your operation to maintain certification.

Step 3: Testing

During the onsite inspection, the inspector will collect a random sample. It will be tested to ensure gluten-free integrity at 10 ppm or less. In addition, the inspector will verify that raw ingredient testing has been performed, in addition to verifying one or more of the following:

  • Allergen affidavits
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Raw ingredient sourcing from QAI Certified Gluten-Free supplier

Step 4: Certification

Your operation will be classified as compliant and deemed certified to the applicable standard upon successful completion of steps 1-3. A numbered certificate will be presented to you. You can display the QAI Gluten-Free Mark on your certified gluten-free products.

Step 5: Ongoing Compliance

Monitoring continued compliance is an essential part of the QAI Gluten-Free Protocol. QAI will conduct annual monitoring, which includes annual manufacturing facility inspections and product testing.

Get started today! Contact Jonathan Lackie, 858-200-9708, to begin your certification process.

A New Gluten-Free Certification and Accreditation
The Organic Standard © Grolink AB -
Issue 123/July 2011

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