Steps to Organic Certification Process

QAI is here to support you in your commitment to achieve organic certification. Whether you produce items at the beginning, middle or the end of the supply chain, in just five steps, you can earn your organic certification.

QAI also offers a team of experienced staff to assist you with your application forms. For more information, view our consultants list.

Step 1: The Application

The application step allows you to provide QAI with details about your organic operation and enables QAI's technical review team to understand your operation right up front. Understanding the scope of your operation, the procedures you follow and the products processed, labeled, handled and/or traded by your company is a very important part of your certification process. At this time a dedicated QAI Certification Project Manager will be assigned to your company.

Step 2: The Inspection

An on-site inspection consists of an evaluation of your operation. During this visit, the inspector will verify the information on your application and assembled documentation. Upon achieving certification, annual on-site inspections will be required for your operation to be continually certified.

Step 3: The Technical Review

Your company will be assigned a technical reviewer who will evaluate your operation to ensure it complies with all necessary organic regulations. During this step it will be necessary for the technical reviewer to examine all documentation associated with your operation.

Step 4: Resolution and Notification

Upon completion of the inspection and technical review, your dedicated QAI Certification Project Manager will notify you of any items which were found not to comply with the appropriate regulation. You will have an opportunity to provide resolution to these non-conformances.

Step 5: Certification

Upon successfully completely your inspection and technical review process, your operation will be classified as compliant and deemed certified to the applicable standard. A numbered certificate will be presented to you and you can proudly display the QAI Organically Certified mark of excellence, considered the industry's most widely recognized certification mark, on your compliant organic products.

Get started today! Contact Jonathan Lackie, 858-200-9708, to begin your certification process and find out what your expected timeline is to be organically certified.