QAI Team: Alexis Randolph

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Alexis Randolph

Senior Technical Manager

Alexis Randolph Alexis Randolph is QAI's most senior staff member, having begun her organic industry career at our San Diego office in 1998. Alexis is currently the Senior Technical Manager at QAI where she manages the senior review team, grants final certification decisions for clients and develops policy strategy for all of QAI’s national and international certification programs. As someone who provides public comment on organic rulemaking, she helped QAI and our clients navigate the transition from private organic standards to USDA regulation in 2002. Previously a successful stage manager, she left the fun but quirky world of actors to work for responsible environmental stewardship through organic certification. Alexis has extensive knowledge about organic inspections; farm, livestock and processing standards; material review and international trade. She is on the board of the International Accredited Certification Bodies (IACB) and Organic Material Review Institute (OMRI).