Gluten-Free Program

NSF Certified Gluten-Free MarkThe QAI Gluten-Free certification program is designed for food producers and manufacturers of gluten-free products, to verify the safe production, storage and transportation of gluten-free products. With more than 20 years of organic certification expertise, QAI brings a unique science-based and third-party verification process to the gluten-free category. We help ensure avoidance of co-mingling and cross-contamination of gluten-free and gluten containing ingredients.

QAI's parent company, NSF International, lends its expertise to this program with nearly 70 years of experience focusing on verification of food safety and public health practices. The Gluten-Free certification program includes sensitive testing procedures, stringent auditing processes, on-site, annual inspections and an independent application review process — all to verify the integrity of the gluten-free products and the gluten-free seal.

See the listing of all QAI gluten-free certified products.

Begin your steps to certification today. Contact Jonathan Lackie, or 858-200-9708 for more information.

A New Gluten-Free Certification and Accreditation
The Organic Standard © Grolink AB -
Issue 123/July 2011

Gluten-free certification scheme in the US Celiac is an autoimmune condition affecting people of all ages. When sufferers eat food containing gluten, even small amounts, a toxic reaction occurs that damages the small intestine...