Organic Nibbles: Preparing for Organic Inspection

October 31, 2018 | Categories: Organic, Certification, Our Team, Handler, Producer, Livestock

If you are a food handler or processor with an organic certification inspection coming up, watch QAI’s Organic Nibbles video Preparing for Organic Inspection to learn how to get ready for your upcoming on-site audit. In this video, QAI Reviewer Cheryl Laxton walks through the important basics of organic inspection such as the best times to schedule your audit and your inspector’s objectives. This video also touches on features of Canadian organic inspection.

Please remember your inspector is not permitted to consult on complying with the organic standard and they do not make the decision on your certification.

Learn more about organic certification compliance by watching QAI’s Organic Nibbles videos and on QAI’s Learning Resources page.

If you’re thinking about getting organic certification for your products and have a question about the organic certification process, please contact us!