Organic Certification

Food on table; QAI certifies a wide variety of crop, livestock, and food processing operations.
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QAI provides independent, third-party organic certification to products at every stage from farm to fork to the USDA National Organic Program (NOP); Mexico Organics Product Law Standard (LPO); Canadian Organic Regime (COR); Quebec Organic Reference Standards; European Union Organic Regulation (EU No 1169/2011) and NSF/ANSI 305 Organic Personal Care Products. QAI also helps companies that want to export organic products to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and other international markets.

QAI can certify crop and livestock producers; livestock, dairy and poultry products; processors and manufacturers; distributors, traders and packers; and facilities, restaurants and retailers. We also certify hemp crops and finished products containing hemp-derived CBD.

Forest boardwalk; QAI can lead you through the steps of organic certification.

Five Steps to Organic Certification

QAI will assign you a dedicated certification project manager to guide through each step of certification. For help with setting up your organic systems prior to applying for certification, please view our consultants list.

  1. Application

    To kick off the process, complete the application forms and submit supporting documentation. This helps us understand your products, organic practices and operation scope. Let us know if you want other certifications such as gluten-free or non-GMO.

  2. Inspection

    QAI verifies the information on your application and conducts an on-site inspection to confirm your practices are consistent with organic regulations. When you are certified, annual on-site inspections will continue to be required.

  3. Review

    A QAI technical reviewer evaluates the inspection report. If deviations or inconsistencies are noted, non-compliances are issued.

  4. Resolution

    QAI will notify you of non-compliances and your company will have the opportunity to provide a timely resolution.

  5. Certification

    After successfully completing your inspection and technical review, you will receive an official, numbered certificate and will be able to use the organic mark!