Why is Organic Important?

Organic certification by QAI helps protect the environment.
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When you support the organic industry, you help the environment by reducing the use of synthetic chemicals. Chemicals used in conventional food production often leach back into the surrounding environment. By using more natural practices, organic production protects wildlife, promotes biodiversity and helps to maintain and improve native ecosystems.

The organic process is environmentally conscious. It promotes greater soil fertility by rotating crops and using natural materials, such as compost, manure and cover crops. These practices help to control erosion and manage soil nutrients. A healthy soil also has the ability to absorb more carbon from the air.

In order for animal products to be certified organic, the producing animals must meet a standard of animal welfare that ensures livestock living conditions accommodate the health and natural behavior of the animals. This includes being feed a natural diet with no growth hormones, GMOs or antibiotics. The animals also cannot be cloned.