Get the New Version of the IACB EU Standard – Version 18

December 4, 2018 | Categories: Industry Updates, Europe

For QAI clients certified to the full EU organic standard, please note that the International Accredited Certification Bodies (IACB) Equivalent European Union Organic Production and Processing Standard for Third Countries has been updated to version 18. It is critical to have the most current version of the IACB standard to verify your operation’s ongoing compliance to this standard.

Read the updated IACB EU Standard Version 18

Read the draft IACB EU Standard Version 18 with draft changes

Refer to the EC 1235/2008.

Note that updates were made to the following sections.

  • In beekeeping: authorization of sodium hydroxide to clean and disinfect frames, hives and combs
  • In aquaculture: authorization of cholesterol supplementation for young shrimps and prawns
  • Authorization of supplementation of minerals, vitamins and other substances for baby food
  • Derogation for non-organically reared pullets for egg production postponed until 31 December 2020
  • Derogation for the use on non-organic protein feed for pigs and poultry postponed until 31 December 2020
  • Communication between Member States on non-compliances through the DG AGRI computer system
  • Changes in Annexes I, II and VIIIa and replacement of these annexes
  • Section 7.4.1 clarifies the usage of micronutrients and nutrients in processed products only when required by law and a similar product would not be allowed on the market without these ingredients

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