QAI Streamlines NOP and COR Organic Application Forms

May 3, 2019 | Categories: Organic, Industry Updates

On April 1, 2019, QAI launched revised NOP Organic System Plan (OSP) forms to improve how we document each client’s plan for organic certification compliance. The updated handler form consolidates many operation types (processor, distributor, post-harvest, retail private label, etc.) into a single handler OSP that utilizes easy-to-navigate sections with user-friendly check box and text fields.

There have been several regulatory updates and clarifications over the past few years. This additional information has been obtained through application addendums, inspection reports and sometimes post-inspection letters. The new OSP forms for handler, producer and livestock operations are an opportunity for our clients to submit a clear complete plan to reduce requests for additional information.

We have also revised product, field and animal profile forms that accompany each OSP. Of particular note is the new QAI Handler Workbook for use by NOP and COR clients. The workbook includes a supplier list, product list, destination market information and a recipe calculation sheet that automatically calculates exact organic content of products to ensure compliant label claims. Clients will also be provided tutorial training videos to help them navigate the transition from several older, obsolete QAI forms to this new and improved single workbook.

Clients have already received a customized notification with copies of the new forms for review. Count on your dedicated certification project manager to provide further communication and assistance with the submission of new forms during each company’s upcoming annual renewal.

QAI understands the burden that paperwork has on certified operations. We believe this one-time investment to provide updated and consolidated information is a smart way to improve inspection efficiency and ultimately save time while ensuring compliance.